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Adventure Series - judges

Aktualisiert: 8. Mai 2023

Today's judges!

Our Head Judge Eudaimon from Finland. Being a rules expert and after headjudging multiple premier and major events, he wasn't allowed to say No when invited to headjudge this event. ☺

_Mika from Hamburg. quote: ,,I am judging event for so long now - somebody has to do it xD!“ Mika is our Assistant Head Judge for today.

Joker from Karlsruhe. Kevin is with us today because he is always having fun when he's right. And as Germanys rules expert #1, he certainly is having fun a lot. ☺

D_Exc from Nuremburg. Domi is judging today because according to him: He is just absolutely up for it. :D

Cubia from Austria. We ALL know Nam. His passion for card games and for Digimon is reason enough to judge this event. He is a fan of Digimon for over 20 years now.

Kawaku from Luxembourg. Alex is part of this judge team to peek behind the curtain and to improve his skills.

Our man for prizes and side events: Zythus from Marburg. Philipp is an allrounder regarding multiple card games and we are happy to have him with us taking care of all players' desires.

Nerevar from Nuremberg. Christian is in charge of catering and supports the staff in case a helping hand is needed. He was interested in helping the event.


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