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Fan Bundle Upgrade & Spectator tickets

Fan Bundle Upgrade

Due to our supplier's mistake we were given additional merchandise for the Digimon Adventure Series for a small price: We will add cool sunglasses to the fan bundle. However, we won't be getting any pens unfortunately.

Remember that our fan bundle can also be bought at the location (15 EUR). It will now consist of a keychain, a pen, a mousepad, a notebook, sunglasses and a paper bag. One more thing: To all who already puchased a fan bundle, sunglasses will be added to your bundle for free. ☺

Spectator tickets

Digimon Adventure Series fans are well aware of the fact that we always try to include cool features to our events that official events cannot provide such as special guests. In order to cover costs for the event, players and spectators will be given access wrist bands for the venue. For players, those bands will be part of the purchased ticket.

Spectators will have to buy a spectators access ticket (5 EUR) in order to enter the venue if they do not want to participate, which hopefully is a small price for what we have planned for you. Spectator tickets will also come with 1 Treasure Token.


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