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Millennium Hunt

Bakura is looking for Millennium items. Will you help him? All you have to do is pay him one or more millennium tokens. How to get them? Check out below.

Join Discord in order to get news about the prizes Bakura can find.


Millennium Pool

Thanks to our sponsors we are able to offer a variety of thousands of different things. Our average token value is calculated by adding up all selling price products divided by the number of loot. This makes a millennium token worth 5.71 EUR per token . You can find the entire loot list at our venue.

Please check down below some of the possible loot you can get. We wish all participants best of luck.

Your Millennium Pool


Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 1-224

Millennium Box


different booster packs


different mouse pads


different structure decks


merchandise (UG, HDK)

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