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Information & FAQ

Below you will find everything you need to know about the tournament.

Also check out Your Journey and get some friends to come, too.

tournament schedule


1 / How much is it and what do I get?

Check out our Tickets website to see all the tickets available. Tickets purchased at the venue may vary in price.

2 / Can i pay with credit card?

Despite the shop that will allow payment by credit card, entry fee and catering will be cash only.

3 / Do I need to pre-register?

Yes, you can get your ticket on the Tickets website. You can also enter the tournament by simply showing up. Ticket prices may vary in that case.

4 / How do I submit my deck list?

You will have to bring a printed deck list in A4 format. It will be collected at registration.

5 / Is this an online event?

No, you will have to come to the venue playing against other people in person. Check out Your Journey.

6 / Do I need any form of membership?

Yes, you have to provide a TCG+ ID (Membership No.) when purchasing a ticket.

7 / Will the new released BT17 set be allowed?

Yes, BT17 will be allowed for this event. In case there are delivery problems, we may change regulations later on.

8 / Are there any covid restrictions I need to follow?

There won't be any restrictions and/or limitations for the event. However, please make sure to stay home if you do not feel healthy.

9 / What happens if BT17 cannot be delivered in time?

In the rare event that BT17 is delayed, we will provide BT16 as participation prices instead.

10 / Will I be displayed in the coverage?

Yes. Once you enter the venue, you also agree on being recorded and shown in pictures and videos. If you don't want to be recorded, please let us know.

11 / Will there be any tracking of tournament points?

Yes, if you manage to reach TOP placement in the last event, you will get some bonusses. Check out Winners & Bonusses!

12 / Are there enough parking spots?

Yes, there are more than enough parking spots in front of the venue. They're also free to use.

13 / What are treasure tokens?

Treasure tokens are some sort of tournament currency. Check out Treasure Hunt for more information.

14 / Will there be a lunch break?

No, there won't be a lunch break. Take your time between rounds to get some refreshment or snack from our Catering.

15 / Am I allowed to buy/sell products in the venue?

No, buying and selling to other than our Shop is strictly forbidden and may lead to a removal from the tournament.

16 / What's the fan bundle's content?

When purchasing a Treasure Ticket, you will receive a DAS bundle, which consists of a DAS03 keychain, a DAS02 notebook, a DAS02 mouse pad, and DAS02 sunglasses.

17 / Can I cancel my ticket if I cannot attend anymore?

Cancelling your ticket no later than two days before the event will give a full refund. Any ticket cancelation requests after that cannot be processed.

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